At Reform Austin, we have decided we can’t forget. We can’t forget the victims who have lost their lives nor the survivors who are forced to live traumatized after seeing their friends or family being killed by a gunman. Each time a person opens fire because the state made it easy for him to access a gun, we will remind Texas leaders and legislators that their actions have consequences.

We are presenting Gun Violence Watch, a site made to increase awareness of the ongoing gun violence problem that looms over the state, the heightened risks of new legislation surrounding gun ownership, and the lack of action from politicians who are deep in the pockets of gun lobbyists.

Texas is the most lenient place in the country with respect to gun policy. The State does not require a person to pass a criminal background check before purchasing a firearm from an unlicensed seller. Texas also allows people with a carry license to carry concealed firearms on college and university campuses. Texas even allows some staff and teachers to carry firearms in K-12. 

Gun Violence Watch is a site for people who want accurate information about mass shootings, a trustworthy resource for advocates, journalists, and activists. A place where the memory of those who were lost does not die but helps to build a better future for those who remain in the fight to end gun violence. 

Our counter starts in 2015, right after Gov. Abbott took office, any event where a shooter opened fire on 4 or more people is listed. Every event contains information about the victims, the situation, and the type of gun used. Photo sources are available upon request.

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